Maja Littorin

Massage, osteopati & akupunktur

Riseberga, Ljungbyhed, Sverige


+46 (0)7 2313 4313


Hitta er balans med mig, jag jobbar för ett hälsosammare liv.


Förebyggande för friska hästar.

Undersökande när problem uppstår.

Rehabilitatering efter skada..


Our dressage horse slipped in the paddock and had a muscle injury between front legs. Maja found exact place and gave instructions on how to treat it. Horse came back to normal very soon and won the Finnish indoor championships for juniors with my daughter few months after the injury. She also treated the horse preventively and gave instructions which movements to ride to strengthen needed areas. We warmly recommend her to treat any horse.

Anu H, Finland

Är så nöjd med Majas besök hos oss. Otroligt kunnig, empatisk o trevlig. Mkt nytt att ta in o väldigt nyttigt. Förklarade på ett bra sätt o visade nya övningar till nästa gång vi ses. Dotte gillade henne o hon kändes väldigt fin att rida dagen efter.

  Åsa J, Sverige

Tack Maja för idag! 🐎 Superduktiga dig, vi blev imponerade och kommer att boka dig regelbundet och VARMT rekommendera dig till alla! Stort GRATTIS till alla vinnare i kalendern, det här är VINST <3

Mia Arvidsson, Sverige

Thank you again for all your support and help. It is invaluable. G loves it. He has been great [at WEG], also thanks to you.


To whom it may concern

I have known Maja Littorin for around 12 years and met her initially whilst she was training as an Equine Physiotherapist.

For over a decade Maja has been a positive part of my horse training and coaching business. She offers a calm professional and knowledgeable approach to physical therapy and I consider her an essential part of the team.

On numerous occasions she has treated over ten horses at a time for me and is no stranger to hard work and long hours. She does not need supervision and can work alone and present me, or the client with a report on her findings.

Being a very competent horse rider in her own right she understands perfectly how the balance between the equine body and  performance needs to be maintained.

I would not hesitate to recommend Maja for any consultation regarding the equine physique.

Lynne Riddell, England


Maja är oerhört kompetent och professionell i sitt yrke. Hon läser av hästarna på ett fantastiskt sätt och är duktig på att förklara så att även hästägaren förstår. Min hopphäst var med om en allvarlig transportskada och efter endast två behandlingar av Maja, med strikt behandlingsplan mellan besöken, är min fina häst nästan helt återställd. Jag och mina hästar kan varmt rekommendera Maja!

Isabella Ekblad, Sverige

Absolutely amazing!!! We've been using Maja for many years and she is always there to help whenever we have a panic, She has been amazing with all our horses; from the quiet, gentle horses to the slightly tempered horse. She has found the cause of many different things including bone spavins, rib fractures, muscle damage, knots etc and she has just gone above and beyond by helping with an issue over Facebook messenger whilst in Sweden, spending over an hour of her own time to talk to me and suggest different videos to show her what's going on and giving us an educated guess in what's going on and where to go next. Thank you so much Maja for all your help over the years and especially today. You have really helped put my mind at rest all the way from Sweden! Absolute Star!!

Charlotte, England

Kommentarer från kurser:

-good basics of a lot of things

-second day would be nice

-super view to look at a sportshorse (as a HORSE also, not only as an athletic)

-lot of interesting things

-you spoke like that everyone can understand

-demos were good!

-behandling av helhet dvs fysiologi, träning, psyke, allt bidrar till en balanserad helhet

-teori, men även mycket "jordnära" praktik och övning

-you have a positive way to tell and talk

-lot of new things to think!

-your enthusiasm about this

-lot of info

-whole course was very interesting


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